Monday, January 28, 2013

Melanie's Reception, Weddings Through Time

I think I might start putting my personal blog updates here, because keeping up with three personal blogs is a bit much. Even *I* can't do THAT much navel gazing!

The next set of pictures I had planned to put on Hot Hot Heatons (my family blog) was from my darling cousin Melanie's wedding reception. Yes, from August. I am a little behind over there. I also happened to find some other family wedding photos while I was transferring photos to a hard drive last week. I love the ones from the 1950s the best!

My husband's paternal grandparents. I love Grandma's ladylike hat and tiny purse.

My husband's maternal grandparents. Loooook at that gorgeous lace-overlaid wedding gown!

My husband's parents. So young and lovely!

My parents and my dad's parents. I like how they're all holding hands.
My husband and me on our wedding day.  We were married on the most gorgeous October day!

My sweet cousin and her new hubby. Gorgeous, happy couple! ( I took this from her Facebook.)
The rest of the pics are from Melanie's park wedding reception. It was such a casual, happy, fun occasion! Her colors were yellow, turquoise, and gray, with a "birds" theme.

My dad and my baby girl

My two sisters, and my cousin Andrea on the right (sister of the bride)

Two little second-cousins, who are about three weeks apart in age.

No way this little man was going to smile for me!

My grandmom and my baby

My husband and his younger sister. She borrowed my clothes, and they looked so much better on her!

Love both these ladies!