Thursday, July 12, 2012

Colorful Kitchen Art (Plus How NOT To Style Shelves)

We're really starting to get somewhere on our kitchen stuff. The open shelving is almost done (we're waiting for one final bracket to arrive from Home Depot), and soon it will be time to style things up. Not that they don't look great already. I walked in the door after being out with the kids last night to find the previously empty shelves filled like this:

It isn't like Tyson to put dishes on shelves - not in the context of housework and certainly not in the context of design - so I was confused. I wanted to thank him for putting things on the shelves...but it looked AWFUL! I said, "Oh, thanks for putting the dishes on there, but I might want to, um, move things around a little bit, okay?"

He said, "I just put the plates were I needed them to help weigh the shelves down so the glue can set."

Oh, okay. Good.

An Unanticipated Blank Space

Tyson and I did have a difference of opinion about these shelves, which are to the left of the sink. I wanted three, and chose the placement of the shelves to accommodate three. He drilled the holes for the bottom two and then said he was done, and wouldn't do the top shelf. He only wants two (because he only wants to pay for and build and paint two? not because of looks, exactly?). Since he is the one putting in all the labor while I sit tippy-tapping away on my computer, I am acquiescing, and he will be doing things his way. I just hope I can make it look nice.

I will need to use some art for height and balance, so I've been looking around a little. I don't know if art is the best idea, though, because of the height, so I'm also considering just a decorative wall accent of some sort. Well Tyson, either way I'll be spending some money on the blank spot where I thought a shelf would go, but I guess it's a good thing that now I can spend it on something I can take with me when we move.

Local Color

I'd love to add some local art to my home, so I've been keeping my eye out for art relating to the place where I live. These colorful prints are from a couple of local foodie places here in Logan, Utah. The rooster on the left is from Caffe Ibis, a maker and distributor of organic coffee (artist unknown, print available for purchase here). The depiction of a bountiful basket of produce on the right was created by local artist Robert Bissland for the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market, and is available for purchase at the weekly market. The Garderners' Market print, particularly, fits in well with the other colors in the kitchen and adjoining rooms (yellow, turquoise, a bit of orange), while the rooster has some of the same colors but introduces some new ones. I only wish the border weren't brown.

Kitchen Specific Prints

This next one has a color palette that would be great in my open kitchen/dining/living area. The quote, from Julia Child, pretty well describes my family's attitude on things :). This one is available at the Etsy shop of blimpcat.

Just a few days ago I found these cute FREE kitchen-themed printables on Pinterest. You can download them here on, and can even adjust the colors!

Which would you choose? If I know me, and if I know my current situation, I will go cheap and cheerful by having the printables printed at Sam's Club and popping them in simple white frames. But first I'll "shop" the rather extensive collection of art that's gathering dust in my garage and see if I can find anything there that works.

P.S.: You can check out my kitchen inspiration pics on Pinterest here:


  1. Hi! I found you in the Blogroll at the design alt summit class. I read your first post and just kept reading and reading. btw, the tub in you bedroom ... a bit weird but I think it could be sorta/kinda romantic. looks like you have a bloglovin' follower!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I actually visited your blog on the night of the class because I was intrigued by the name. Great blog! I like the variety of your posts and I look forward to reading more.

  2. I agree that you need 3 shelves! Also, I like the Julia Child print. Great colors & very now!
    I found you through the AltSummit class as well!

    1. I wish he would listen to me, but he probably wouldn't even if I told him a real designer said so! I'll just have to make do, but I'm sort of at a loss and find myself saying to everyone who comes in my house, "I wanted three shelves, but..." :)

  3. Uh...shows my lack of styling ability, but before I read your comments about the placement of dishes on the shelves I thought, "wow, Lisa is so good! I never know how/what to place on open shelves." Silly me. After reading further I looked back at the picture and chuckled.

    1. You're too kind. I think the motivational mug in the upper left really does add a nice touch.