Friday, July 6, 2012

Do The Wave (The Microwave)

We've been living with a gaping hole where the microwave should be for almost nine months now. Since I'm the Queen of Cheapskates, I've kept my eye out from time to time on KSL Classifieds (our punched-up local version of Craigslist) for a decent over-the-range microwave at a decent price. I just don't want to spend more on the microwave alone than we've spent on the entire rest of the kitchen remodel, ya know? I had pretty much gotten used to this awesome look, though...

But I was looking for a change. You know, something new (used). Something other than a couple of holes in the wall. Something other than a microwave with a digital clock that runs fast. How does that even happen?!? I have no idea, but it does. That microwave sitting on the counter progressively gets more and more ahead of the correct time. I have to reset it constantly.

In the end, though, it was Tyson the KSL addict who found the microwave deal. Local, gently used, and fairly priced. We picked it up on Sunday night and he installed it Monday.

Ahhhh, much better. It's a nice GE Adora microwave, originally installed in 2010. The lady we bought it from had remodeled and gone with the same make and model in stainless steel. It's nice that it's a GE, because the rest of our appliances are, too, so it kind of goes along with them (other than being nicer and newer). To purchase this model and color at Home Depot right now would be $298. We bought the used one for $100.

The kitchen has been pretty torn up since Monday as we have been working on putting up the open shelves next to the sink and under the cabinets. They are currently awaiting further coats of paint before installation. Here's the before photo for the area left of the sink. Hang tight for an after. I know, I could it be improved upon?

And just for good measure, here is the BEFORE before. We've come a long way, but there's still more to do!

I'm curious, are you "pro" or "con" open shelving? Do you have it in your house? Or would you? What about over-the-range microwaves? Some people *hate* them!


  1. I fall into the "not-such-a-big-fan" category when it comes to over-the-range microwaves. I'm short enough that it always feels like I'm going to dump whatever I'm pulling out of there all over my head. Also, I like my microwave to be BIG, and range hood microwaves seem so teensy to me. My current microwave is giant. Yes, it eats up counter space -- but not so much in my kitchen, where it sits in a difficult-to-access corner that isn't really useable space for prep, etc. It thrills me that a 9x13 pan can rotate freely in my microwave. Best way to cook potatoes and bacon, IMO...and great for reheating leftovers! By the way, how are your painted cabinets holding up? I'm itching to paint my bathroom vanity...possibly followed by my kitchen cabinets...possibly followed by the whole world...

  2. My painted cabinets are holding up well, and I'm so glad I did them! Or rather, I'm so glad they're *done*, but I would have been more glad if someone *else* did them. It was quite a process. I wouldn't do it the same way if I did it again, but I love how they look, and yes, they have held up. Go for it!

    My new microwave could rotate a 9x13 if the dish didn't have handles...which would make it awfully dangerous to pull down from an above-the-range microwave! To me, it is a big upgrade in size because the microwave I've been using can't even rotate a bag of popcorn. This one also has the possibility of cooking three tiers of food at once (it has the racks). I don't know why or when I would need to do that, but it sounds cool in theory :)