Thursday, May 31, 2012

The CAN'T list

This is a random list I typed into Notepad last night:

Things I think I *can't* do (but I CAN??!?)

Bake cookies (cake, pie, bread, etc.)
Paint or do anything artistic
Be organized
Go to bed on time, wake up on time, be on time
Think out loud
Play volleyball
Take my three children pretty much anywhere by myself
Make decisions
Keep the house clean
Lose weight/exercise/get in shape
Style my hair
Use power tools/build things/do things for myself
Make good decorating choices

Last on that list I should add "Design and write a blog".

As much as I have wanted to start my own blog as an outlet for my thoughts, I have been held back by thinking I wouldn't do it RIGHT. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to think of a great name, to know how to make it look good (I don't have any idea!), to choose the right platform, etc. Instead, I have now just decided to jump in and start writing for myself each day, and not worry about what comes next. If I want to fix it up later, I can. If I want to learn about graphic design and coding, I can. I don't have to do it right now. The only way to start is to start.

I am creating this blog as a place to challenge myself.

I challenge myself to face my anxieties and document my learning process as I do things I have told myself I "CAN'T" do. I challenge myself to share the things I already CAN do and have done. I challenge myself to write each day. I challenge myself to be positive and uplifting in the way I talk to myself, my readers (oh wait, that was redundant!), and my real-life peeps. I challenge myself to grow and change. I challenge myself to rediscover my creativity and put it to good use. I challenge myself to let go of perfectionism and indecision. I challenge myself to show the perfectly imperfect, the pretty, the not-so-pretty, and the pretty darn good. I challenge myself to make a friend or two.

I intend for this blog to cover a lot of ground, but some of the primary topics will be DIY home renovation, homemaking (cooking, gardening, decorating, preserving, cleaning, sewing, crafting), parenting, marriage, ADD, anxiety and other mental health issues, self improvement, and of course bad haircuts and awkward/embarrassing stories and photos. I will also highlight blogs, posts, people, and things that I love!

That being said, one of my favorite blogs is Vintage, by Mandi Gubler. I love not only her projects, but also her frank, funny, and forthright writing style. She started a little club called Fearlessly Finding Awesome (FFA) that gave me just the kick in the pants I needed to get going on this ole' bloggy. Sure, I'm several weeks behind, but I'll catch up! My next post will be FFA Challenge #5. I'll try to hit the previous ones as I go forward.

By the way, Mandi's bedroom is one of my favorite projects on her blog. Check it out!

So, what's on YOUR "Can't" list? What's on your CAN list? What's one of your favorite DIY blogs?


  1. Are you really going to undertake volleyball???? That's one thing on my can't list that might just stay there. I think it's interesting that many of the items on your can't list just might appear on a list of things that I would have put down if someone asked me what Lisa Heaton can do. For instance: make good decorating choices, organizing (I LOVED seeing all the clever organizing ideas in your home), and absolutely writing.

  2. Aw, congrats on finally starting your blog - I have been threatening to start one for quite awhile too and I applaud you for just doing it! Good luck!