Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Farewell to CAN'T

Original ad here
In case that's hard to read, it says:

A Farewell to CAN’T
This goodbye does not make me sad. I will not miss you.
I have discovered what it feels like to do the unthinkable.
The hard. The long. The challenging.
You have no business here anymore.
From now on, difficult will seem doable.
I will see the impossible as simply not-yet-conquered.
Farewell, Can’t. You will haunt me never again.
Hello, Can.
Welcome to my world.

Welcome! Welcome!

Wait a second. I'm basically welcoming myself, because this is the first post on this blog and no one knows about the blog besides me. Oh well. It's not the first time I've talked to myself, and it won't be the last!

I am an avid blog reader, and I have really wanted to start my own blog for a long time, like a couple of years. I should have started one sooner. I saw a poster on Pinterest that said "One year from now you'll be wishing you started today". Yup. But better late than never!

Before I was a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), I was an advertising copywriter. Just like Sherry from Young House Love! Only she worked in New York, the center of the advertising world. I worked in the far, far outskirts. Not the outskirts of New York. The outskirts of Salt Lake City. Very outsy-skirtsy, as far as advertising goes, but I enjoyed my clients and my work. I have not been a full-time writer for almost five years now, and I really miss it. This is a place for me to start writing regularly again.

Speaking of copywriting (which is, by the way, any marketing-oriented writing for print ads, radio, TV, billboards, brochures, websites, etc. -- and not, as my husband once thought, a job putting a circled letter C on stuff), I would love to give proper credit to the writer of the ad above. Unfortunately, copywriters don't have bylines (wouldn't that be weird if they did?). Hey copywriter, your name is unsung but at least your words are not unread! The ad was for the organization Outward Bound and ran in magazines last year.

I hope you find the words as inspiring as I do. I hope my blog will be inspiring, too! Thanks for joining me on this journey. What's an inspiring or motivational thought that gets you in the mood to grow and change?


  1. Yay for this blog! To be honest, I was pretty surprised by some of the items on your "can't" list. Write?! Make good decorating choices?! You are very silly sometimes, sister...

    And from what you've told me, you've never really attempted to bake a pie. I'm sure you can do it! I'll make one with you! Truly, there's nothing I've ever baked that didn't turn out just AWFUL on my first attempt(s). Heck, last week I made the chocolate chip cookies I've been making for years and they baked up wretched (due to the fact that I thought it would be economical to use an already-open box of margarine left over from a another recipe instead of using butter-flavor shortening, which is what I usually use in this particular recipe). Sorry for the overly-detailed description of my cookie fail. Anyway, the point is, I ate the cookie dough very happily and haven't worried about it since. There is no great baking loss without some small (cookie-dough-related-weight-) gain. Am I right or am I right or am I right?

  2. I just have to say... I'm glad you actually DID SOMETHING as a result of a pin on Pinterest. I'm sure you're one of the few who actually got motivated enough by a quote you repinned and did something about it. Props to you! I should go look at my pins and do something they tell me to do :)

    1. Braden, thanks for visiting and following! I have to admit that beyond trying recipes and getting motivated by quotes, I haven't done much of anything I've pinned on Pinterest. A few DIY bloggers do host a quarterly Pinterest Challenge so everyone DOES one thing they've pinned. I haven't yet participated :)

      Off to find you on Pinterest!