Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cat got your tongue-and-groove? My DIY Uniform

Okay, this is my post for Vintage Revivals' FFA Challenge #5, my DIY uniform.

You're supposed to be looking at the shirt, but that adorable kitten's name is Kitty Pot Pie

You might be wondering what this kitten has to do with DIY, but bear with me. It's the shirt you're supposed to notice here. I searched through all my renovation pics, and there wasn't a single one of ME. Some photographer my husband is! Seeing as my uniform is currently in the wash from recent use, I am going to have to go with an older photo that shows the main element. It's a horizontal-striped shirt that I bought when pregnant with my first child. Horizontal stripes are super-slimming on the heavily pregnant, right? I continued to wear the shirt during my second and third pregnancies, and between pregnancies as well. I'm cheap like that. I keep a fair amount of maternity clothes in my wardrobe, and refer to the state of both my closet and my body as "Permaternity" (permanent+maternity) or "Meternity" (maternity+eternity).

I was just into my third trimester with my daughter when we moved back to Utah in September 2011 and began the remodel on our townhouse, so this shirt became my go-to DIY uniform, along with some light-wash maternity jeans with the awesome stretchy Lycra tube waistband from Motherhood. I wore that outfit day in and day out for two months. I feel like this photo gives a good idea since I was heavily pregnant throughout the remodel, but the pic is actually from my first pregnancy 2007. My husband found that feral kitten for me to nurture because he felt my hormonal demands for affection too much to handle, but that's an entirely different story. Just imagine the cat replaced by a can of spray paint held lovingly to my bosom. The point here is that, nearly five years later, this shirt is all paint splotched and stretched out, and I still pull it on for DIY projects.

Has anyone else ever tried to tame a feral cat? Does anyone else wear maternity clothes when not pregnant? In my defense, I don't think this shirt originally came from the maternity section. What do you wear to DIY? Do you like my cat/DIY pun in the title? Oh, I kill me!


  1. Hahahaha Lisa! I loved this post! I saw the picture and I was she is cute, the shirt looks cute, whats the prob? But you are hilarious! And if you are ever in the hormonal state again to tame a feral cat, just let me know we have them all over our neighborhood!!

    love your guts

  2. Loving your blog! I am also guilty of wearing maternity clothes when not pregnant, especially pants. They are just more flattering IMO since I now have what I lovingly call a "baby belly". The waist bands keep everything in so nicely, unlike "normal" jeans/pants out of which my baby belly (and hips) overflows.

    p.s. I love your cat's name!

  3. Maternity clothes when not pregnant? Guilty as charged. --In my defense, I tried to box them up! I tried to be good! But why, why suffer with things like zippers and buttons when there are stretchy and/or draw-string waistbands out there (that still manage to be kinda cute)?

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