Friday, June 15, 2012

CAN'T to CAN: Lisa Loves Logan

I am starting ANOTHER another blog, oh yes I am! Visit me at Lisa Loves Logan to learn about all the great things to see and do in Logan and greater Cache Valley, Utah. So far I have waxed poetic about mini donuts, since I hope to be eating some today at Summerfest.

I'm labeling this in CAN'T to CAN because this is yet another blog I have meant to do for a long time, and now I am. Stay tuned for my review of a recent meal at The Black Pearl, a heads up about U-pick strawberries in Hyde Park, and a write-up about some of the coolest houses in town, plus more!

See you there!


  1. For a second, I thought that this was your way of confessing to me that you have a crush on my husband. Back away! He's MINE! :)

    1. Hahahaha...yes, believe me, I wasn't sure it was the right way to go with the name of the blog -- quite an awkward declaration within our family! But dang, I just love alliteration too much to stay away! (From alliteration, that is. Not from your husband. Stop talking now.)

  2. I was thinking just this week of calling you to get recommendations on fun things in Logan. You read my mind (now stop it, you don't want to know some of this stuff...) Also, love Kara's post, funny runs in the family I guess. Also (PPS?)Love this blog, you've inspired me to try harder in cleaning my house and my kitchen hasn't been this consistently clean in years! Can't wait to try the new blog! I love exclamation points!!!

    1. I will try to work up a post soon that answers your question. Are you thinking of a mini-vacay? With kids or without? Overnight? Day trip? There really are lots of fun things to do here. Let me know your direction and I'll try to help!

      Good job on keeping up better with housework. I feel all warm and fuzzy that I had anything to do with it. It is nice to just TRY and let what we can do be good enough!

    2. I'm thinking a day trip with the kids. I think Jackson would love like a factory tour or something and I wouldn't mind some free cheese or chocolate either... Also just to do anything else fun and easy for the kids.

    3. Cool! I will write it up! It will probably include a recommendation for a visit to an awesome friend, okay? ;-)

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