Friday, June 22, 2012

Even Perfect People Aren't Perfect!?

This week two of my favorite bloggers have written honestly about anti-perfection (or pro-real life, to frame it in a more positive way), and I'd like to share their thoughts with you today. I hope you'll click and read these posts. Don't forget to check the comments, too, because so many of their readers share great things! (And I'm not just talking about myself, even though I did comment and link to my post GOOD vs. PERFECT: Why Worse Is Better because I felt it went along so well).

Jen from IHeart Organizing posts the most beautiful organizing projects -- whether it's an amazingly neat fridge and freezer or color-sorted Legos in a fun, functional playroom.

Organized fridge and freezer from this post by Jen of IHeart Organizing,
Lego storage from Jen's IHeart Organizing home tour

I know, right!? She is naturally tidy and organized, and her brain seems to easily put together efficient ways of doing things. In other words, she is nothing like me :) Because of the focus of her site and because of the beautiful pictures she posts, it's easy to think of Jen as "perfect" (and easy to think of oneself as not perfect enough). Jen took a stand against this in A "Perfect" Post. Go read it!

Photo by Dana of House*Tweaking, from her house tour
Then there's Dana at House*Tweaking, one of my newer finds in the blog world, whose butcher block island I linked to as an inspiration on my post about my butcher block choices. That's the pretty dining room in her former house, above. She talks about the other side of "pretty" and affirms her allegiance to "real" in a tangent on the post Closet{s}Maid Right. The closet part of the post is great, too, but the part I'm talking about starts after the photos ("Which brings me to another tangent topic: pretty.").

So this is a short post. That's about all I can muster tonight, because, guys, I've got to tell you something. I'm TIRED! Not worn out tired, like when I became anemic at the end of my pregnancy. Not sick tired, like when illness saps my energy. Just sleepy tired, because I've been staying up way too late learning, learning, learning and writing, writing, writing. And I love it. It's so invigorating to be writing daily again and to be filling my mind with new things to think about! I stay up late because night time is the only time I can focus without ignoring my children and husband. At night they are asleep and he is at work. But on the other hand I can't be a good, present mom and wife if I don't get enough sleep.

I am taking on a paid writing project next week, so posting here may be light. I had intended to write every day, and I have been. If not here, on Lisa Loves Logan. I love the lab this blog has become for me, but part of an experiment is making adjustments, and right now I might need to adjust my posting schedule a little.

Anyone else have some thoughts on this pro-real-life stance? Do blogs and Pinterest make you feel motivated or defeated? Been inspired or encouraged by any words lately? I'd love to hear. Okay. Must. Go. To. Bed. I am seriously mis-typing every single word. Good night!


  1. I have a thought and I'm sorry to say it is not about my feelings on blogs in general like you asked. It is that the title of your new local blog, "Lisa Loves Logan" means a whole lot more to someone who knows the name of your brother-in-law. Just sayin'. :-)

  2. Ahahaha, yeah, slightly awkward! But I can't let a good alliteration go unused! Did you read my first post on there? I cover that ground in that post. Also, Kara's comment on my personal blog was great. I titled a post there "Lisa Loves Logan" to introduce the new blog and she was all, "Geez, back off, he's mine!"

    Thanks for commenting and I already had our Pinterest discussion, right? :)