Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make A Floor Plan Online - Here's Mine

I have always loved looking at house plans. My friend Alice and I used to create our own when we were in junior high, and occasionally we bought the house plan magazines in the check-out line at the grocery store. I still like to look at those magazines and at house plans online. Kind of funny, because I haven't really seriously considered building a home -- I like the character and landscaping of existing homes too much! I guess it's just fun to picture myself and my family living each home. How would we use the rooms? Where would I put my card catalog? Could we buy a piano? Can I look out the kitchen window and see the kids playing in the backyard? It's fun to imagine...

But let's get back to reality. My own little townhouse is 1320 square feet. I made up a little floor plan on to help me figure out possible furniture arrangements. This keeps me from pushing my furniture around quite as often, which is a good thing because dang, that beloved card catalog is heavy!

I thought these Floorplans (which I'll admit aren't perfect in their scale or dimensions) might be helpful to look at to give you a sense of context for the other pictures I post of my house. On the plan of the main floor do you see that white space on the floor next to the yellow circle that represents our yellow beanbag? That white space represents the wall we removed during our remodel.

First floor

Second floor

Floorplanner is pretty easy to use and has lots of different types of furniture. You can save several variations of your design on there for free. I have five different versions of my main floor, but have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that the traffic flow will be difficult no matter what. That's the biggest challenge in my floor plan. That and the kids' tiny bedrooms upstairs.

What's the biggest challenge in your floor plan? What would you like to add to your floor plan if you could? I'd like to have a formal dining room.

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