Friday, June 8, 2012

Quelegant. Is that a word?

For Fearlessly Finding Awesome (FFA) Challenge #1 (yes, I''m starting over at the beginning, after completing Challenge #5 here in my pregnant-lady-in-DIY-uniform-holding-a-kitten post), Mandi from Vintage Revivals asked us to "Catch A Dream" by describing how we want our homes to feel. She pointed out it might be related to our own personality traits and the things we like about ourselves.

Before reading this challenge I had already thought quite a bit about what feeling I want my home to have, and how I would describe it. The problem is I like and appreciate a lot of different styles, and the two I like the best seem to conflict with each other. See, I want my home to be classy and elegant, but I also want it to be quirky and bright and interesting. How do I do THAT?!? My method so far is to start with a base layer (paint, flooring materials, hardware -- the permanent stuff) that is more classic or elegant, and then layer on some of my bright and quirky furniture pieces and accessories on top of that. I really don't know if it's working out. I guess it's still in progress, so we'll see.

I do know that for my own spaces I prefer light and energetic to dark and cozy. I prefer clean and sparse to crowded and detailed. And I would prefer to have a few thousand dollars to implement my vision :-) The other difficult part is that my tastes run pretty girly, and I have a husband and boys to think about here, too.

I have a hard time even finding inspiration pictures for exactly the feeling I would like to create, but here is one home I have admired for a long time. It is Summer Thornton's home, featured as a House Tour on Apartment Therapy. The kitchen, which I don't believe was pictured in the tour, was later featured in House Beautiful.

On second thought, maybe it's not such a bad thing I can't find other interiors that have what I'm going for. Maybe that's my chance to be creative and do something original. Aaaaah, sounds scary!

What feeling(s) would you like to create in your home? It's so much easier for me to say what I want my home to do than how I want it to feel. I want it to be functional. I want it to be organized. I want it to have good flow and work well for entertaining. What colors do you use in your home and how do they make you feel? I am attracted to yellow because it feels happy and energizing to me. Do you like to make up words, like quelegant? I do. Oh yes, I do.

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